Our plan for this website

We're in the process of creating an online home for all New Zealanders that need access to disability information.

Our website is a 'living project', designed and built in collaboration with members of our disabled community.

This means we are committed to continually asking:

  • how can we make our website better?
  • how can we make it easier for you to access what you need?

Focus on accessibility

We're committed to following accessibility standards and guidelines.

We are working hard and acknowledge that best practice for accessibility means adhering to:

  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
  • New Zealand Government Web Standards

Since our launch in July 2022, we have conducted two Accessibility Audits partnering with the MSD Digital Accessibility team. We currently have no critical issues, however there a number of high and medium issues that have been identified. We are working through them all now and we will update our community on these improvements and our accessibility standards as we go.

Read our interim accessibility statement

Cross-government collaboration

We're also bringing together disability information from other government ministries so you can find more of what you need in one place.

As part of this, we're currently focusing on:

  • Migrating information: Moving over existing disability information from other ministries where we can
  • Closing information gaps: Developing content to address some information gaps in relation to disability. During this time, if you are unable to find the information you need, please contact us as we still may be able to help.