Complaints and feedback

It is your right to give feedback or to make a complaint about disability supports or services you've received. Find out how to make a complaint and what happens after.

We understand that sometimes our supports and services do not meet everyone’s expectations or requirements and may result in a disappointing experience. We want you to feel safe and supported by our services and staff at all times.

Hearing from you, good and bad, helps us to improve and become better at delivering supports and services that truly meet the needs of our community.

Complaints can be made by you or another person on your behalf, such as a relative, friend, parent or advocate. If you are making a complaint on someone elses behalf, we may need to check to ensure the person who received the services consents to you doing this.

What can you complain about?

A complaint is when you are not happy, and you want to tell someone the reason. There are no rules around what you can and can't complain about.

Examples of complaints received in the past have included:

  • quality of care
  • supports are not responsive to te ao Māori
  • choice of activities at home
  • personal care and hygiene
  • food choices
  • treatment by a support worker
  • physical environment (such as your home).

How to make a complaint

We recommend providing feedback or making a complaint as soon as you can, so we can start work on getting you the support you need.  You can make a complaint in the following ways:

Complain to Whaikaha

The information you give us is completely confidential and you do not have to tell us your name. We want to hear about your experience with your service provider or disability supports. Your honest feedback helps us assess what is going well for you and where the opportunities are to make improvements. This can include compliments, suggestions or concerns.

To give feedback or make a complaint, please download and fill in the right form for your situation:

 You can send us your completed form:

  • by email:
  • by post to: Complaints/Feedback Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People, Reply Paid: 262204 PO BOX 1556 Wellington 6140

If you can't use the form

If you prefer to talk to someone or are unable to fill out the form, please call us on: 0800 566 601 (Monday and Friday 8:30am to 5pm) or you can text on 4206 or email us at the above email address. All complaints will be taken seriously.

Complain directly to your service provider

Sometimes, it might be quicker and easier for you to raise issues directly with your service provider.

They are there to support you and should listen to you and often, after a good honest conversation, your issue can be dealt with straight away.

If you like, you can have a family member, friend, or an advocate present when you meet with your service provider.

Whether you make your complaint in person, in writing or anonymously, to your service provider or directly to our Ministry, your complaint will be kept confidential and will be responded to.

Your disability service provider must:

  • give you written information about how to make a complaint.
  • tell you what the complaints process is, for example, who you can go and complain to.
  • tell you what is happening with your complaint.
  • let you know what else you can do.

Get support with making a complaint

You can ask an advocate, friend, support worker or family member to help you make a complaint.

There are also services available that can support you too:

What to expect when you make a complaint

If you make a complaint you can expect:

  • there will be someone you can talk with about your concerns
  • your concerns will be taken seriously
  • you will be treated with respect
  • your privacy and confidentiality will be respected
  • we will work with you to resolve any concern as quickly as possible
  • you will know the outcome of your complaint.

Please feel assured that making a complaint will not affect the care you receive and you will not get into trouble. Your complaint will only be discussed with the people directly involved.

What happens after you make a complaint or give feedback

If you make a complaint or give feedback to Whaikaha, we will contact you within five working days.

We may need to talk to other people about your complaint. This may include talking to other people involved. We will need your consent to do this. Depending on the nature of your feedback, we will let you know next steps via email.

We will let you know the outcome of your complaint and the reasons for our decisions. We aim to resolve complaints within 20 working days.

We will let you know where else you can go for help if you are not happy with the outcome.