Housing and transport

  • Housing and living options

    Supported Living and Community Residential Support Services support disabled people to live independently in a safe and appropriate environment. Find out about each of these options and how they can be tailored to the level of support you need.

  • Community day services

    Community day services help disabled adults who can’t find work to take part in their community. They provide access to regular meaningful social contact and stimulating activities. Find out what they cover and how to access them.

  • Modifying your home

    You can make changes to your home to make it more accessible and easier to live in. Find out about common types of home modifications and what funding is available.

  • Paying household costs

    Do you need support to meet your day to day living costs? Work and Income may be able to help with one-off payments or an ongoing Disability Allowance. Find out what's available.

  • Transport and vehicles

    Need support getting around? Find out what assistance is available for your essential transport needs, like parking permits, door to door services, vehicle modifications and travel costs.

  • Support around the house

    Home and Community Support Services funded by the Ministry provide support with household tasks and personal care, so you can live independently at home. Find out what types of tasks are covered and how to get support.