New Zealand Disability Strategy

The New Zealand Disability Strategy 2016-2026 guides the work of government agencies on disability issues.

Information on the New Zealand Disability Strategy is currently on the Office of Disability Issues (ODI) website. This information is in the process of being moved to the Whaikaha website as ODI has merged with Whaikaha.

Read the full New Zealand Disability Strategy on the ODI website external URL . Alternate formats are available.

Disability Action Plan

This Action Plan aims to deliver the eight outcomes in the Disability Strategy.

The National Disability Action Plan 2024-2028 will be redesigned to deliver the eight outcomes in the Disability Strategy across government agencies. 

We will engage with Disabled People’s Organisations, government agencies and others to identify the activities and measures to improve outcomes for disabled people and tāngata whaikaha Māori. 

These engagements will run from October to December 2023.