Continuing to establish a Ministry of Disabled People

This funding will support the continued establishment of Whaikaha as a Ministry of Disabled People.

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Vote Social Development 2023

Government has allocated $21.1 million to support Whaikaha – Ministry of Disabled People to establish roles that extend our capability and capacity in the areas of voice, partnership, communication, and culture.

This initiative supports the establishment of Whaikaha – Ministry of Disabled People.

  • Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People is committed to working across Government and in partnership with the disability community and Māori to transform the lives of disabled people and their whānau.
  • This partnership approach will help us to transform the disability support system in line with the Enabling Good Lives approach.
  • To be effective Whaikaha must ensure it has robust systems and processes in place. It also needs to ensure it can recruit the right people to its organisation.
  • This initiative will fund: 

    o     About 10 new roles to deliver on voice, partnership, communication, and culture

    o     About 13 new connector roles in Enabling Good Lives sites

    o     Cost pressures on the Whaikaha work programme

Costs (operating)

 2022/23  2023/24  2024/25  2026/27 2027/28 and outyears  TOTAL 
 - $5.176 million $5.308 million  $5.308 million  $5.308 million  21.100 million