Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill: Open for Submissions

The Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill is aimed at addressing the accessibility barriers faced by disabled people, tāngata whaikaha, and others, so they can live independently and participate fully in all areas of life.

Public submissions are now being called for this important Bill.  Hearing from our community on how the legislation will affect them is extremely important to us at Whaikaha. The Bill would establish a committee of 10 members who will represent disabled people, it would enhance accountability and co-ordination across the Public Service and Government to progress accessibility issues and it would build knowledge and awareness about the importance of addressing accessibility barriers.

This legislation will build on and support the work we do at Whaikaha—the Ministry of Disabled People.

Disabled People, their families, whānau and the broader public, may wish to be involved by submitting. Please visit the Parliament website link to make a submission:

Accessibility for New Zealanders Bill - New Zealand Parliament ( external URL

 Alternate formats are also available on the Parliament site.

The closing date for submissions is Monday, 07 November 2022.