Changes to Purchasing Rules - Update

Updated: 25 March 2024

On Monday 18 March 2024 Whaikaha released information about changes to the Purchasing Rules relating to flexible funding.  

We have been facing increased demand for support, some of which is not related to supporting those with a disability themselves. So these changes allow us to pause and to work with our disability community to develop criteria for flexible funding going forward.  
We acknowledge that this has caused concern and been difficult for our community, disabled people, their families, whānau, and family carers.  
We need to develop the criteria to ensure that support goes to those most in need. We will do this in consultation with the community over the coming months.  
We also understand that our community value the flexibility which has been in place since COVID-19.

The changes to the Purchasing Rules will be in place until we have completed work with disabled people, tāngata whaikaha Māori and whānau to develop long term settings. We are in the process of looking at ways we can communicate further with our community and will update you with our progress.

Message to Family Carers

Whaikaha recognises the very important role that family, whānau, aiga and communities play in a disabled person’s life. We also know that respite or 'taking a break' is very important to sustain the mental and physical wellbeing of family, whānau and aiga carers.


We are acutely aware that some members of our community have heard or read different things about these changes. We are continuing to update our website to provide further clarity on what they mean for you. 
We also understand that everyone experiences change differently. Some of you may be feeling or have felt overwhelmed, experienced some physical symptoms or are feeling that you cannot cope. What you are feeling is normal when you are feeling stressed or are unclear what is going on, or have the perception of not being able to control what is happening around you.

We are concerned about your wellbeing and we do not want you to feel that you are on your own, it is important to talk about your wellbeing with a professional if you are in this situation.    

A range of services are available to help support your mental health and wellbeing

Questions and answers

We are working to update our website with as much information as we can provide.  You can find that information on our Questions and answers webpage.

We are in the process of looking at ways we can communicate further with our community and stakeholders. More information on this will be shared on our website as soon as possible.  

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