Reports to the Minister in 2023

Find a list of all the reports Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People provided to the Minister for Disability Issues in 2023. If you would like to receive any of the reports, you need to make an Official Information Request

December 2023

Title Report Number Date Received 
Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People Funded Disability Supports REP/WHK/23/11/007 1 December 2023
Whaikaha functions and actions for safeguarding disabled people and ensuring the quality of disability supports REP/WHK/23/12/008 5 December 2023
Difference between Individualised Funding and EGL Personal Budgets REP/WHK/23/12/011 6 December 2023
Background on family carers litigation REP 23/11/006 6 December 2023
Update and information - Care and Support Workers pay equity claim REP/WHK/23/12/009 7 December 2023 
Whaikaha internal 'Kōrero' (Weekly all staff meeting) REP/WHK/24/2/010 8 December 2023 
Advice on the Future of the Accessibility for New Zealanders REP/WHK/23/12/014  15 December 2023 
Options to manage cost and spend growth in disability supports REP/WHK/23/12/016  15 December 2023 
Meeting with the New Zealand Disability Support Network (NZDSN) REP/WHK/23/017  18 December 2023 
Mobility parking misuse REP/WHK/23/12/013  20 December 2023 
Background on the approach to scoping the Review of Eligibility for Disability Support Services REP/WHK/23/12/015  20 December 2023 
New Zealand Sign Language Board Annual Report 2022/23 REP/WHK/23/10/002  21 December 2023 
NZ Herald article about Whaikaha Privacy Breach and IDEA Services n/a  22 December 2023 

November 2023

Title Report Number Date Received 
Disability Issues Legislation Work Programme REP/WHK/23/11/004 30 November 2023

September 2023

Title Report Number Date Received 
Aide Memoire - Visit by Minister Radhakrishnan to EGL Waikato Leadership Group REP/23/9/830 08/09/2023
Briefing - Disability Transformation Deliverables in Year 1 REP/23/9/846 14/09/2023
Aide Memoire - Meeting with the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Ukraine REP/23/9/854 18/09/2023
Aide Memoire - Visit to Māpura Studios REP/23/9/589 21/09/2023
Briefing - Briefing on Preparations for Whaikaha Strategic Framework REP/23/9/860 21/09/2023

August 2023

Title Report Number Date Received 
Briefing - Accessibility - Engagement Materials REP/23/8/739 03/08/2023
Aide-memoire - Meeting with St Chads REP/23/8/759 07/08/2023
Aide-memoire - Employment, Education and Training Ministerial Group Meeting 14 August REP/23/7/670 08/08/2023
Briefing - Accessibility - Advice on Next Steps REP/23/8/749 10/08/2023
Aide-memoire - Meeting of Ministerial Group on the Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy - August REP/23/8/772 11/8/2023
Briefing - Update on scoping of the review of eligibility for disability support REP/23/8/736 17/08/2023
Briefing - Disability Transformation Tagged Contingency Drawdown REP/23/8/750 24/08/2023
Briefing - Comparison of Enabling Good Lives and Australia's National Disability Insurance Scheme REP/23/8/795 24/08/2023
Briefing - Draft Whaikaha 2022/23 Annual Report REP/23/8/800 31/08/2023

July 2023

Title Report Number Date Received 
Aide-memoire - Meeting with Creative Abilities REP/23/6/609 3/07/2023
S9(2)(f)(iv) REP/23/7/638 7/07/2023
Aide-memoire - NZDSN Conference – ‘Disability Support - at the Crossroads’ REP/23/7/665 14/07/2023
Aide-memoire - Meeting with Disability Rights Commissioner REP/23/7/661 14/07/2023
Aide-memoire - Meeting with the Disabled People’s Organisations Coalition, late July REP/23/7/624 14/07/2023
Briefing - Development of a National Pacific Disability Action Plan REP 23/5/466 21/07/2023
Aide-memoire - Meeting with the Health and Disability Commissioner REP/23/7/663 21/07/2023
Aide-memoire - Ministerial Leadership Group on Disability Issues meeting - July 2023 REP/23/7/680 21/07/2023
Aide Memoire: Disability Transformation Contingency – Alternative Rapid Savings Option REP/23/7/719 28/07/2023
Briefing - Accessibility Bill - Advice on Select Committee Report Recommendations REP/23/7/696 28/07/2023

June 2023

Title Report Number Date Received 
S9(2)(f)(iv) REP/23/6/507 1/06/2023
Briefing - Advice on Potential Stakeholder Engagement on the Accessibility Bill REP/23/5/494 1/06/2023
Briefing - Improving the Quality of Whaikaha Funded Disability Supports REP/23/1/008 1/06/2023
Briefing - Whaikaha NZSL Name – Update REP/23/6/502 1/06/2023
Briefing - NZSL in Education REP/23/4/279 1/06/2023
Aide-memoire - Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Hui Taumata REP/23/5/500 6/06/2023
Aide-memoire - United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCPRD): Government response and proposed mechanisms to support implementation REP/23/5/461 6/06/2023
Aide-memoire - ANZ Bank - Equity, inclusion and Diversity Strategy REP/23/6/520 7/06/2023
Briefing - Addressing Legal Issues and Risks arising from the current family carers litigation REP/23/5/469 8/06/2023
Aide-memoire - Meeting with unions – NZ Nurses Organisation, PSA, E Tu REP/23/6/537 13/06/2023
Aide-memoire - Meeting with Hohepa Canterbury REP/23/6/556 14/06/2023
Aide-memoire - Meeting with National Enabling Good Lives Leadership Group REP/23/6/584 22/06/2023
Aide-memoire - Meeting with Pitau Allenvale Student Leadership Team REP/23/6/586 22/06/2023
Briefing - High and Complex Framework Work Programme REP/23/6/585 23/06/2023
Aide-memoire - Hearing House Switch On REP/23/6/617 28/06/2023
Aide-memoire - Meeting with I-Lead REP/23/6/611 29/06/2023
Aide-memoire - Meeting with Creative Abilities REP/23/6/609 29/06/2023

May 2023

Title Report Number Date Received 
Aide-memoire - New Zealand Sign Language Week 2023 - Parliament Breakfast  REP/23/4/310 1/05/2023
Briefing - My Home My Choice programme: Background and Options for Launch  REP/23/5/391 11/05/2023
Briefing - Monitoring and increasing the representation of disabled people on public sector boards  REP 23/4/358 18/05/2023
Briefing - High and Complex Framework Work Programme  REP/23/5/465 26/06/2023
Aide-memoire - UNCRPD Government Response and Proposed Mechanisms to support Implementation: SWC 31 May 2023  REP/23/5/461 25/05/2023
Briefing - Whāia Te Ao Mārama Action Plan – review and update REP/23/5/375 25/05/2023
Briefing - Whaikaha NZSL Name REP/23/5/478 25/05/2023
Aide-memoire - World Blind Union Executive Committee Pōwhiri  REP/23/5/481 25/05/2023
Aide-Memoire - Post Budget provider engagement, 25 May  REP/23/5/476 24/05/2023

April 2023

Title Report Number Date Received 
Briefing - Whaikaha Work Programme 2023-2026 REP/23/3/225 6/04/2023
Briefing - Proposed use of contingency funding to progress next steps in transforming the disability support system REP/23/4/282 4/04/2023
Aide-memoire - Meeting with the National Council of Women REP/23/4/274 3/04/2023
Aide-memoire - Meeting with Spectrum Care REP/23/4/339 21/04/2023
Briefing - 2023 Legislation Programme: Reassessment of Bids REP/23/4/335 20/04/2023
Briefing - Disability Transformation Tagged Contingency: Draft Cabinet Paper REP/23/4/349 27/04/2023
Aide-memoire - Halberg Games Opening Ceremony 2023 REP/23/4/268 5/04/2023
Briefing - Individualised Funding REP/23/4/347 26/04/2023
Aide-memoire - Community Care Trust Meeting REP/23/4/315 14/04/2023
Aide-memoire - Meeting with Disabled Persons Assembly Dunedin REP/23/4/308 14/04/2023

March 2023

Title Report Number Date Received 
Briefing - Full Year Forecast for 2022/23 REP/23/2/095 10/03/2023
Aide memoire - Public Service Association National Secretaries REP/23/5/408 15/03/2023
Aide memoire - Opening of the Blind Low Vision South Auckland Complex REP/23/3/168 17/03/2023
Aide memoire - NZ Down Syndrome Association – World Down Syndrome Day REP/23/3/165 17/03/2023
Aide memoire - Meeting with New Zealand Sign Language Board REP/23/3/153 17/03/2023
Aide memoire - Pacific Wellbeing Ministers Working Group (PWMWG) 27 March 2023 REP/23/3/232 24/03/2023
Aide memoire - Education, Employment and Training Ministerial Group Meeting, 28 March 2023 REP/23/3/229 24/03/2023
Aide memoire - Meeting with NZ Disability Support Network (NZDSN) REP/23/3/205 27/03/2023
Aide memoire - Meeting with Parent/Whānau/Family Network REP/23/3/222 27/03/2023
Aide memoire - Meeting with Deaf Aotearoa REP/23/3/236 29/03/2023
Aide memoire - Star Jam – Lunch event, Grand Hall, Parliament REP/23/3/210 31/03/2023
Aide memoire - World Autism Awareness and Acceptance Breakfast REP/23/3/259 31/03/2023
Aide memoire - Meeting with New Zealand Hearing Industry Association (NZHIA) REP/23/3/208 31/03/2023

February 2023

Title Report Number Date Received 
Briefing - Whaikaha Response to the Northern Region Flooding REP/23/2/039  1/02/2023
Briefing to the Incoming Minister n/a 1/02/2023
Briefing - Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder – early intervention and eligibility issues REP/22/9/848 9/02/2023
Briefing - COVID-19 Outcomes for People Receiving Disability Support Services REP/23/2/061 11/02/2023
Briefing - Disability Transformation Contingency Funding Decision Making Process REP/23/2/063 13/02/2023
Aide-memoire – Disabled Persons Assembly NZ REP/23/2/062 13/02/2023
Briefing - Update on Paid Family Care employment court litigation REP/22/10/979 19/02/2023
Aide-memoire – Launch of Ara Poutama Aotearoa/Corrections Disability Action Plan REP/23/2/088 19/02/2023
Aide-memoire - Summary of the Response to the Ombudsman Report ‘Oversight’ REP/23/2/107 23/02/2023
Aide-memoire – Recreate NZ Youth Board Meeting REP/23/2/113 28/02/2023

January 2023

No reports were received in January 2023.