Disability Action Plan 2010 overview

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and New Zealand Disability Strategy aims for a fully inclusive New Zealand, where people with impairments can say "we live in a society that highly values our lives and continually enhances our full participation."

On 1 August 2023 the Office for Disability Issues was integrated into Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People as the Partnerships and Stewardship team.

Opportunities to make a difference

Supports for living

How government funding of supports for disabled people can align with the Ministry of Health's new model for disability supports.

Disabled people may need supports to help them do everyday things in everyday ways. A new model for the Ministry of Health's disability supports is about increasing disabled people's control and choice over their supports and their lives.

Mobility and Access

What government provides to enable disabled people to move around their community.

Moving around and accessing the built environment is a fundamental activity that enables, or creates a barrier against, disabled people getting into work, education and training, or otherwise participating in their community. It allows people to have a choice in what they can do.


What government provides to promote disabled people getting into paid work.

Getting paid work increases a disabled person's independence, increases their social networks, and improves their financial security and sense of self-worth. It promotes respect from others and contributes to leading an ordinary life.

Key work underway by agencies to progress opportunities

  • Review of Special Education
  • Vocational Services
  • Transition from school
  • Social change programme on attitudes and behaviours towards disabled people

Improving accessibility

  • Information
  • Buildings
  • Services
  • Communication

Leadership and accountability

Framework to promote, protect and monitor implementation.

Ministerial Committee on Disability Issues

Set strategic priorities and review progress.

  • Chief Executives' Group - Lead implementing priorities, report
  • Senior Officials Group - Manage implementing priorities; monitor implementation and report on progress
  • Office for Disability issues - Focal point within government

Human Rights Commission, and the Office of the Ombudsmen

Promote, Protect and Monitor implementation; report to Parliament.

Civil Society (Disabled people's organisations)

Monitor implementation; report on disabled people's experiences.