The Official Information Act and media responses

Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People takes seriously its obligations under the Official Information Act 1982. That includes responding to requests for official information via media queries.

Find out what is defined as Official Information external URL

Please note that requests for comment or interview are not defined as official information and therefore are not covered by the Official Information Act.

Reasons for refusal

The Whaikaha Communications team help media with the information they need, within media timeframes wherever possible, without diverting requests unnecessarily through the specialist Official Information team.

However, there will be times when we are not able to provide the information requested, either because there is a legal reason for refusing the information, or because the request cannot be completed within media timeframes.

Where timeframes are an issue, we will clarify with the requestor whether they wish to proceed with their request, and if so, refer that query to the Official Information team for a response.

The reasons why we may have refused some or all the information you requested is given below. Telling you about these reasons ensures that Whaikaha is fulfilling its obligation under the Official Information Act to provide a reason for the refusal (section 19 of the Act refers).

If you are unsure about the reason, or would like a further explanation, please contact us via email You have the right to ask the Ombudsman to investigate and review any media response from Whaikaha.


Section of the Act

The information is covered by a court order

18(c)(i external URL i) external URL

The information isn’t available now, but it will be soon

18(d) external URL

We do not have a copy of that document

18(e) external URL

Providing that information requires substantial collation or research

18(f) external URL

We do not have that information

18(g) external URL

The information would harm the maintenance of the law because the matter is, or will be, before the courts (including the Coroner)

18(a) external URL  and 6(c) external URL

The information can’t be provided on grounds of privacy

18(a) external URL  and 9(2)(a) external URL

The information is commercially sensitive

18(a) external URL  and 9(2)(b) external URL

The information is confidential

18(a) external URL  and 9(2)(ba) external URL

The information would harm negotiations

18(a) external URL  and 9(2)(j) external URL

The information is legally privileged

18(a) external URL  and 9(2)(h) external URL