Assessments and funding

  • How to access support

    If you have a disability, or care for someone with a disability there is a range of support available. You may also be eligible for Ministry funded disability support services. Find out about the supports available, if you meet the criteria and how to get a needs assessment.

  • Needs assessment services

    If you are looking for support because you or someone you care for has a disability, there are a number of ways you can get support from our Ministry. A good place to start is to contact one of our Needs Assessment Service Coordinator (NASC) organisations.

  • Disability Information Advisory Services

    Disability Information Advisory Services provide free independent information and advice to disabled people and their families. Find services that might be right for you.

  • Know your rights

    Disability services should support the life you want to live. Know your rights and what to do if you are concerned or unhappy with the care or support you receive.

  • Types of funding

    If you need regular financial support or just one-off assistance, there are a range of benefits, allowances and grants you may qualify for. Find the right support for your situation.