Specific disability services

  • Behavioural Support

    Sometimes caring for a disabled person can be hard especially if they are behaving in a way that is causing themselves and you harm and directly affecting your well being. If you need support with behaviours that are at times challenging, here is how we can help.

  • Hearing and vision services

    Find hearing and vision services to support your everyday life, maintain your independence and connect with the wider community. These include services for Deaf people and Deafblind people and people with hearing and vision loss.

  • Autism support services

    Every person with Autism has different needs. Find out what disability support services are available and where to go for more information.

  • Child Development Services

    If your child has a disability or isn't achieving developmental milestones, Child Development Services (CDS) can help. Find out more about what services they provide and how to access them.