Needs assessment services

If you are looking for support because you or someone you care for is disabled, there are several ways you can get support from Whaikaha – Ministry of Disabled People.

A good place to start is to contact one of our Needs Assessment Service Coordinator (NASC) organisations to gain an understanding of Whaikaha funded support services.

You will also find information on Ministry funded supports and services by visiting our Supports and Services page. 

What is a Needs assessment?

The purpose of a Needs Assessment is to learn more about you. This means gaining an understanding of your preferences, what your goals are, what your desired life looks like and the support you might need to live that life now and in the future. 

Once the NASC has done the Needs Assessment, they will discuss with you support options that you might be eligible for.  

They will discuss options funded by Whaikaha and non-funded options or supports which may be found in the community or funded by other ministries. 


You do need to be eligible for disability supports and have documents showing your eligibility when making a referral to a NASC organisation.  

Eligible means you meet a specific set of disability criteria. To find out if you would be eligible, please visit our how to access support page. 

How do you make a referral?

Anyone can make a referral to a NASC, including the disabled person themselves, a family member they trust, a friend, or a trusted health professional. Referral means to direct another person to an organisation or professional, in this case to gain support. 

Referrals can be over the phone, by email and for some NASCs, they have an online clinical portal for healthcare professionals as well. 

The disabled person or their whānau needs to consent to the referral. Consent means that you agree to allow someone to do the referral for you. 

NASCs are nationwide so contact the one closest to you. All are very knowledgeable about what support is available and how Ministry funding is accessed which they will discuss with you. 

What can you expect?

When you contact the NASC, they will ask you questions which will help them to understand how to best advise you on the supports that may be available to you.  

If eligible, they will organise for you to have a Needs Assessment, which can take place virtually on-line, on the phone, or in your home or a place you choose, depending on your circumstances. 

This is the beginning of the Needs Assessment process which is a term you may have heard about. If they think this is needed, they will set up a time to come and meet with you at your home. 

Your Choice

It’s important to understand that you get to decide on your chosen support/s and/or a service provider that best suits your needs.  

Your NASC will make referrals to the relevant providers, so that you can start receiving these supports.  You will receive from them, in writing, what services have been put in place.  

If you've chosen a provider, they will then contact you to discuss a start date and what your preference for support staff might be.  

At your Needs Assessment, be open and talk about whatever you want to talk about regarding your life and the support you think you might need.  

North Island services

Here is a list of services available in the North Island by region. Choose the service nearest to you.

Whangarei, Northland

NorthAble - Matapuna Hauora

Website: Warning, this website autoplays a muted video - NorthAble - Matapuna Hauora external URL

Address: 40 John Street, Whangarei

Contact details:


Taikura Trust

Website: Taikura Trust external URL

Address: Building 1, Level 1, 570 Mt Wellington Highway, Mt Wellington, Auckland

Contact details:


Your Way - Kia Roha

Website: Your Way - Kia Roha external URL

Address: 105 Disraeli Street, Gisborne

Contact details:

Hamilton, Waikato

Disability Support Link

Website: Disability Support Link external URL

Address: CBD Waiora, Level 1 KPMG building, 87 Alexandra Street, Hamilton CBD

Contact details:

Tauranga, Bay of Plenty

Support Net - Te Whatu Ora

Website: Support Net Disability Services and Support - Te Whatu Ora external URL

Address: 190 Seventeenth Avenue, Tauranga South

Contact details:


Support Net - Te Whatu Ora

Website: Support Net Disability Services and Support - Te Whatu Ora  external URL

Address: Whakatane Hospital, Stewart Street and Garaway Street, Whakatane

Contact details:


Support Net - Te Whatu Ora

Website: Support Net Disability Services and Support - Te Whatu Ora external URL

Address: 1166 Amohau Street, Rotorua

Contact details:

Mid Central District

Mana Whaikaha (NASC equivalent) - Palmerston North, Kāpiti and Levin

Website: Mana Whaikaha external URL

Contact details:

New Plymouth, Taranaki

Your Way - Kia Roha

Website: Your Way - Kia Roha external URL

Address: 36 Devon Street West, Level 1, Kings Building, New Plymouth

Contact details:

Hawke's Bay

NASC Hawke's Bay Disability Support

Website: NASC Hawke's Bay Disability Support  - Our Health Hawke's Bay external URL

Address: Gate 9 McLeod Street, Hastings

Contact details:


Your Way - Kia Roha

Website: Your Way - Kia Roha  external URL

Address: 244 Victoria Avenue, Whanganui

Contact details:

Masterton, Wairarapa

Focus - Te Whatu Ora

Website: FOCUS providing access to support services  - Te Whatu Ora external URL

Address: Level 2, 49-51 Lincoln Road, Masterton

Contact details:

Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt, Wellington

Your Way - Kia Roha

Website: Your Way - Kia Roha external URL

Address: 1 Market Grove, Hutt Central, Lower Hutt

Contact details:

Porirua, Wellington

Capital Support - Te Whatu Ora

Website: Capital Support - Te Whatu Ora external URL

Address: Kenepuru Hospital, Raiha Street, Porirua, Wellington

Contact details:

South Island services

Here is list of services available in the South Island by region. 

Nelson, Marlborough

Nelson Marlborough Disability NASC

(formerly Support Works)

Website: Nelson Marlborough Disability NASC external URL

Address: 281 Queen Street, Richmond, Nelson

Contact details:

Blenheim, Nelson-Marlborough

Needs Assessment Service - Te Whatu Ora Nelson Marlborough District Health

(formerly Support Works)

Website: Needs assessment service - Te Whatu Ora  external URL

Address: Marlborough Community Health Hub, 22 Queen St, Blenheim

Contact details:

Christchurch, Canterbury


Website: LifeLinks external URL

Address: 42 Buchan Street, Sydenham, Christchurch

Contact details:

Dunedin, Otago

Your Way - Kia Roha (Otago and Southland)

Website: Your Way - Kia Roha external URL

Address: Ground Floor, Burns House, 10 George Street, Dunedin

Contact details: