Have your say

All voices in our community are important and can help shape the work of our Ministry. Have your say through consultations or contact us directly.

We are committed to partnering with the New Zealand community in the work we do.

To ensure the voices of disabled people, their families, whānau, and the community have a real impact, we're researching the most effective and accessible ways to gather and amplify your feedback. This is something our new Chief Executive will be involved in shaping.

For now, we encourage you to have your say through the channels we currently have and to stay connected so you can keep up to date.

If there is a way your community prefers to get in touch that we have not yet thought about, please let us know.

You can have your say by:

  • Phone: We've set up a freephone number 0800 566 601 which you can call and either talk to one of us or, if you prefer to just leave us a message, that's ok too! Our phones are managed by staff who can answer most questions or connect you with the right person to answer any tricky ones.
  • Reply Paid (Freepost): Write to us without a stamp at Reply Paid 262204, PO Box 1556, Wellington and we will get your letters to the right person at our Ministry.
  • Email: Send us a message at contact@whaikaha.govt.nz or for our NZSL community, a video to our email address. A translator will be able to connect you with the answers you are looking for.
  • AmplifyU: This is a digital tool we set up to engage with our community on important topics. You can leave your thoughts and ideas, take part in surveys and be part of consultations on important Ministry topics. For example, while the Ministry was being set up, the Establishment Unit asked for ideas on what its name should be and that helped shape the final decision.
    Be part of the discussion at AmplifyU
  • Facebook: Message us through our Facebook page. Our page is managed by the team at All is for All, an agency we partner with who all identify as disabled. By working with them we ensure our messaging and responses come from the community itself.
    Join our Facebook page AmplifyU.NZ

Your feedback and contributions will help transform how our government supports our disabled community. We'd love for you to get involved!