Education for children with hearing loss

If your child is Deaf or has hearing loss, their local school can provide education and support services. Find out more about the process.

If an audiologist finds your child has a hearing loss, they can get assistance from an Advisor on Deaf Children. This is a free service. The Advisor will discuss what support you and your child might need.

The Advisor may also talk with you about Ko Taku Reo. Ko Taku Reo provides education and support for children and young people who are Deaf or hearing impaired and, in some cases, a residential service.

If you identify as Māori, you’ll be invited to meet with a Māori Special Education staff person called a Kaitakawaenga before you meet with an Advisor.

For more information, contact Special Education at the Ministry of Education by:

You can also find resources and information for students requiring learning support external URL on their website.